The Art / Design / Code of :
Valerio Charles
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(c) 1500 BC - VC:One ( Art & Design since the Beginning of Civilisation, know what I mean?)






My name is Valerio, a-k-a Mister Charles... but you can just call me VC:One... 

I am a freelance designer & programmer specialising in producing delicious visual and audio effects.

I can handle design solutions with static images, motion graphics, interactive user interfaces. I can also handle the coding of some audio effects.

Over time I've developed skills in Digital illustration, Photo/Video editing, 3D modelling, Audio engineering + Visual effects programming.

I have knowledge of Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, 3D Studio MAX, Sculptris.

I can code with :
AS3 (Flash) / PHP / JS / HTML
but understand C-like languages :
(C++ / JAVA / C# / SWIFT)